What is PUMP?

PUMP is a peer-mentoring and tutoring program within the PNB department focusing on fundamental courses such as PNB 2274/75 and PNB 3251. PUMP's goal is to provide a more supportive and inclusive learning environment within PNB by increasing access to peer-mentors and reducing language barriers to learning.

Mentoring sessions are currently being held in TLS 363. Virtual zoom links are available in the google calendar below.


Mentorship Team

Mota, Dariana

Hi! My name is Dariana and I'm a senior PNB & MCB double major on a pre-med track. I’m Dominican/Puerto Rican from Lawrence, MA and fluent in Spanish. Some of my involvement on campus includes Dr. Tanner’s (ND)^2 research lab, which focuses on diet and the progression of neurological disorders, as well as the Co-Director of Morale for HuskyTHON. I am looking forward to helping students through some of my favorite courses and come to love PNB as much as I do. That said, please take advantage of my mentoring schedule, everyone is welcome!

Gavin, Halle

Howdy! My name is Halle (she, her, hers) and I’m a junior PNB major on the pre-med track. I am also the MIXED program coordinator, an EMT, in Dr. Salamone’s lab, and a TA for BIOL 1107. I love to talk, teach, and swim. I’m obsessed with sci-fi, water sports like kayaking and white-water rafting, and PNB 2274/75. I can help with content or create practice problems for both lecture and lab, so I hope y’all come ask me some questions!

Pierre, Mirsha

Hello! My name is Mirsha and I’m a junior PNB and Spanish double major with a minor in MCB. I am first-gen Haitian-American from Brockton, MA and also speak Haitian Creole. On campus, I am part of Dr. Tanner’s lab which studies the effects of the ketogenic diet using drosophila as a model organism and I am also part of WISO. During my free time I enjoy going to the gym, playing volleyball, and fashion. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!

Previous PUMP Mentors


  • Cindy Li
  • Nayda Nunno
  • Amal Ahmed
  • Qingli Hu
  • Salvatore Jaramillo
  • Avishag Ashkenazi
  • Dariana Mota

Participating Professors

Xinnian Chen

Dr. Xinnian Chen

Geoffrey Tanner

Dr. Geoffrey Tanner

Alexander Jackson

Dr. Alexander Jackson

Daniel Mulkey

Dr. Daniel Mulkey

Anastasios Tzingounis

Dr. Anastasios Tzingounis

Who we are looking for as PNB Mentors

  • Students who are dedicated, friendly and reliable
  • Must have completed PNB 2274/75 and PNB 3251 and maintained a minimum grade of B
  • Underrepresented, multilingual, or first-generation college students are strongly encouraged to apply

Benefits of being a PNB Mentor 

  • Flexible hours: 6 to 10 hours per week
  • Competitive pay: $20/hour
  • Valuable experience of serving as a peer mentor
  • Training in STEM mentorship from participating faculty