PNB Research In Progress Talks - Spring 24


January 19 12:20 PM TLS 111 William Armstrong IV

“Investigating synaptic protein expression and function in hypothalamic arousal neurons” Jackson Lab
January 26 12:20 PM TLS 111 Dr. Yuping Huang

“Exploring adrenergic signaling in mammalian ovulation and its potential as a target for non-hormonal contraceptives” Sun Lab
February 2 12:20 PM TLS 111 Jairo Orea

“Characterizing the Organization of Auditory Inputs Underlying Fear Learning in the Lateral Amygdala” Ostroff Lab
February 9 12:20 PM TLS 111 Monica Strain

No Speaker Scheduled

“Altered peripheral chemoreception contributes to disordered breathing in Rett syndrome”








Mulkey Lab









February 16 12:20 PM TLS 111 Kristen Springer

“Differential expression of voltage-gated sodium and potassium channels in key nodes of the Papez circuit” Tzingounis/Jackson Labs
February 23 12:20 PM TLS 111 Sydney Ballou

Qichen (Will) Fan

“Mapping Cytochrome p450 expression in the antenna of Drosophila melanogaster”






“Noradrenergic modulation of cortical taste processing”

Menuz Lab







Sciolino Lab

March 1 12:20 PM TLS 111 Yetunde Akinlaja

Nicole Rittenhouse

“Evaluating Oligodendrocyte precursor cell response to neuronal hyper-excitability”









“Neurogenesis in a Mouse Model of Post-Infectious Hydrocephalus”

Nishiyama Lab









Conover Lab

March 8  12:20 PM TLS 111 Teng Long

No Speaker


“Identification of Molecular Components Generating the Transepithelial Potential in the Drosophila Olfactory Sensilla”








Menuz Lab








March 15 No Speaker – Spring Break
March 22 12:20 PM TLS 111 Jorge Villalobos Santeli

No Speaker


“A gut sensor for visceral pain”









LoTurco Lab









March 29 12:20 PM TLS 111 Michael Jolly Jr.

Ricardo Canela

“Enhanced Chemoreception Contributes to Breathing Problems in Hypertension”









“Characterization of the Expression Pattern and Interactome of the Myo-Inosotol Transporter HMIT in the Mouse Brain”

Mulkey Lab










Tzingounis Lab







April 5 12:20 PM TLS 111 Dr. Jifeng Li

“Alternative Polyadenylation (APA) in Gene Expression and Neuronal Differentiation” Yu Lab
April 12 12:20 PM TLS 111 Alexandria Pacrin

Chamalka de Silva

“Genes underlying sexually dimorphic behavior in Drosophila”









“Molecular signatures in neuroblast migration”

Menuz Lab









Conover Lab

April 19 12:20 PM Kaitlin Girardini

No Speaker

“Evolution and Recognition of Eukaryotic Introns”








Kanadia Lab








April 26 12:20 PM TLS 111 Audrey Weber

Sam Simonovitch









Tzingounis Lab







Sun Lab


Previous PNB Research in Progress Talks - Fall 23


September 1 12:20 PM TLS 111 Janeth Perez Garza

“Ultraplex: High Resolution Imaging of Biomolecules in the Brain” Ostroff Lab
September 8 12:20 PM TLS 111 Daria Yeroshenko

“Regulation of Neuroblast Fate: Topographical Mapping” Conover Lab
September 15 12:20 PM TLS 111 Jaseph Soto Perez

“Kcnq2 channels in parafacial respiratory neurons contribute to respiratory function” Mulkey Lab
September 22 12:20 PM TLS 111 Monica Antony


“Targeting distinct MCH-expressing neuron subpopulations in the lateral hypothalamus” Jackson Lab
September 29 12:20 PM TLS 111 Rebecca Oramas

“Establishing the role of Drosophila insulin-like peptide dilp8 in mature follicles to regulate virgin egg laying and oogenesis” Sun Lab
October 6 12:20 PM TLS 111 Emily Parrish

“Quest for the Goldilocks Resin for Quantification of the Spine Apparatus” Ostroff Lab
October 13 12:20 PM TLS 111 Julianna Herman

“The Effect of Post-Infectious Hydrocephalus on the Ventricular-Subventricular Zone” Conover Lab
October 20  12:20 PM TLS 111 Yi (Harry) Huang

“Neuroanatomical and functional analysis of a lateral hypothalamic inhibitory projection to the DP and BNST” Jackson Lab
October 27 12:20 PM TLS 111 Gianna Raimondi

“Multiplexed analysis of interneuron heterogeneity in the basolateral amygdala of male and cycling female rats” Ostroff Lab
November 3 12:20 PM TLS 111 Brenda Milla

“Disordered breathing in Dravet Syndrome mouse models” Mulkey Lab
November 10 12:20 PM TLS 111 Saren Springer

“Understanding how progenitor cell number informs limb morphogenesis” Kanadia Lab
November 17 12:20 PM TLS 111 Stella (Eun) Cho

“Understanding the Rho1-regulated actomyosin contraction in follicle rupture during Drosophila ovulation” Sun Lab
November 24 No Speaker Scheduled – Thanksgiving
December 1 12:20 PM TLS 111 Andre Jang

“The Role of Kinase CG7236 in Insect Olfaction” Menuz Lab
December 8 12:20 PM TLS 111 Maggie Khuu

“Investigation of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) neurons in the lateral hypothalamus” Mulkey/Jackson Labs