Graduate Programs

Degrees Offered

We offer research-based Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. These programs focus on developing technical skills, critical thinking and effective science communication. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and work closely with students to conduct cutting-edge research. PNB graduate students have considerable flexibility designing their plans of study and benefit from a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum. Our students receive training in manuscript and grant writing, and have the opportunity to present findings at national conferences. They also have an excellent record of continuing onto successful careers, ranking us among the top nationwide departments in post-doc and industry position placements according to the National Research Council.

We also offer a two-year coursework-based M.S. degree focused on providing students with the tools to enter into diverse career paths including: biomedical research, medicine, biotechnology, government, and many other fields.

Financial Aid & Support

Our research-track Ph.D. and M.S. graduate students are financially supported with competitive Graduate Assistantships and subsidized health insurance. Full tuition is waived for graduate students with full time registration (six credits or more and maintaining a 3.0 or better grade average). UConn graduate assistants are represented by the Graduate Employee Union which works to ensure competitive wages, affordable healthcare, and safe working conditions free of harassment.

Research Facilities

Our department is located in UConn's main campus and housed primarily in the new state-of-the-art Pharmacy/Biology Building. Additional research and teaching spaces are located in the adjacent Torrey Life Sciences and Biology/Physics Buildings.

In addition to well equipped individual laboratories, we have shared equipment within the department. We also have access to the University’s shared facilities such as the Bioscience Electron Microscopy Laboratory, Advanced Light Microscopy Laboratory, Center for Genome Innovation, Computational Biology Core, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility, Flow Cytometry, Statistics Consulting Services, the machine shop, and the vivarium.

Living in Storrs

The University of Connecticut is located on a beautiful rural campus in Storrs, CT. Surrounding areas include access to many hiking trails and outdoor activites, as well as a thriving downtown district. Perfect for a weekend escape in the car or on the metro, we are located close to New York City (less than 3 hours) and Boston (less than 2 hours).