Alexander Jackson

Associate Professor

Phone: (860) 486-9032

Education: Ph.D. Harvard

Website: Jackson Lab 

Research Summary: Research in the laboratory is focused on the cellular and synaptic neurophysiology of neural circuits in the mammalian hypothalamus that regulate fundamental behavioral states such as sleep, arousal and feeding.  Techniques are centered on using patch-clamp electrophysiology and pharmacology in brain slices in order to elucidate the cellular and synaptic properties of specific hypothalamic cell-types and their local and long-range synaptic connectivity.  This approach is carried out in concert with a toolbox of neuroanatomical methods and optogenetic strategies to manipulate the excitability of genetically targeted neurons.

We are currently seeking highly motivated graduate students and postdocs who are interested in cellular and synaptic electrophysiology and hypothalamic circuits.

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