PNB 3180 Field Study Request Form

ABOUT PNB3180: Field Study

PNB 3180 is intended to provide students with an opportunity to take advantage of research opportunities that may be available at facilities that are not affiliated with the PNB department or other UConn departments at the Storrs campus. PNB 3180 is graded only on an S/U basis.

It is the student’s responsibility to identify sites and individuals that are willing to serve as their field study supervisor.
The student should speak with the potential supervisor to outline the activities they will carry out in their potential participation at the offsite laboratory.
The student must meet with his/her PNB advisor to determine a) whether their participation could be eligible for acceptance as a Field Study; b) an appropriate PNB faculty member to serve as the instructor of record for registration and grading purposes.
The student must find a PNB faculty member to serve as the instructor of record for the field study. In consultation with this instructor the student must a) establish what would serve as a UConn deliverable; b) fill out the “Field Study Proposal” form.
After the form has been filled out and approved by the faculty member and advisor, the student must have the supervisor’s statement signed and return the signed form to the instructor.
When the field study proposal is accepted and approved, copies will be emailed to: the student, the advisor, the instructor of record, the field study supervisor, and the PNB department.

Examples of activities that would not be approved as a field study include shadowing physicians or other medical professionals, taking courses at other institutions, employment or unpaid involvement in a routine position research laboratory, and observing a research project.

If you have questions about PNB3180, please e-mail Dr. John Redden (

PNB 3180 Field Study Information Form

This form is intended for PNB students who are doing *off site* research under faculty supervision.

Is this project being completed off-campus? (note: Field Study only applies to off-campus projects)(Required)
Is this project being completed under the supervision of faculty, staff scientist, or unit leader? (note: Field Study projects cannot be supervised by students, or be conducted independently)(Required)
Are you being compensated for this work? (note: paid work is not eligible for field study)(Required)
How many credits of field study are you seeking? (note: one credit = 42 hours of time investment)(Required)
Max. file size: 100 MB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.