Scott Rich

Assistant Professor


Phone: (860) 486-2646

Office Location: TLS 110A

Website: Rich Lab


  • BS, Duke University
  • PhD, University of Michigan

    Research Summary: Dr. Rich’s lab will use a wealth of tools from computational neuroscience, including the creation of biophysically detailed models of individual neurons, the study of in silico neuronal microcircuits, and mathematical analysis of more abstract models of large-scale brain activity. This research will focus on improving our understanding of how experimentally characterized sources of heterogeneity and diversity in the brain contribute to physiologically relevant brain function and, conversely, how observed disruptions to this variability might promote a range of neuropathologies.

    We are currently seeking undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs excited by this research question and the tools of computational neuroscience to build the lab. To stay up-to-date with these opportunities, please fill out this form.

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