Nicole Krauss

Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Office Location: TLS 368

Education: Ph.D. Washington State University

Bio: Prior to joining the PNB team, Nicole was an instructor at Gwinnett Technical College outside of Atlanta, a two-year college with competitive health care programs. Her Ph.D. research was in ecological physiology, with a focus on how predator abundance shapes maternal reproductive strategies and their downstream effects on offspring phenotype in a migratory bird, the black-throated blue warbler (Setophaga caerulescens). She TAed human anatomy and physiology courses throughout her Ph.D., which spurred a passion for teaching that has become the focus of her career. At UConn, she hopes to explore teaching in a flipped design, the balance of content versus skill-based learning goals, and creation of a caring environment in large lecture halls. Listen carefully for her subtle Minnesotan accent which makes appearances during moments of surprise and enthusiasm!

Nicole Krauss, Ph.D.
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