As a department, our goal is to prepare our students for diverse careers in research, medicine, biotechnology, government, and many other fields. Our graduates are trained to think critically about classic and emerging challenges in physiology, medicine, and neuroscience.

Cutting Edge Science and Techniques

As a PNB student, you will explore the close relationships between structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) in humans, and contrast them with model organisms within the animal kingdom. The breadth of our courses spans molecular and cellular physiology to organ and systems level physiology. We also provide opportunities to learn cutting edge laboratory techniques used in physiology, neurobiology, genetics and biotechnology research.



Faculty Committed To Your Education

We are a department with a strong reputation for excellence in research, but we also strive to be excellent and innovative teachers committed to scientific teaching, inclusion, and creative integration of technology in the classroom. Our faculty have been recognized with many prestigious teaching awards from UConn and external organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences.



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Important Contacts:

Dr. Xinnian Chen
Director of Undergraduate Programs

Dr. John Redden
Key Advisor and Transfer Evaluation