Moiseff Laboratory

The laboratory applies a neuroethological* approach to the study of information processing by the nervous system.

The laboratory is currently focused on the study of synchronous flashing by fireflies. The work is done in collaboration with Prof. Jonathan Copeland at Georgia Southern University. Studying synchrony gives us insights into how behavioral and neural systems evolve unique solutions to unique problems.  Our long-term goal is to understand general principles of signal processing and how the brain is organized to enable neurons to carry out complex tasks.


"Neuroethology is a branch of neuroscience that emphasizes the study of neural mechanisms of 'natural behavior'. This is in contrast to other approaches to neuroscience that study the nervous system in isolation, or in the context of artificial conditions. The term itself is a combination of the words neurophysiology and ethology(Pfluger 1999)." (Quoted from: Wikipedia)