Biology Speaker Series:

  1. MCB Seminar Series: Olga Zhaxybayeva PhD('04) MCB Seminar Series: Olga Zhaxybayeva PhD('04)3:30pm 1/26
  2. PNB Seminar Series Dr. Gina Leinninger4:00pm 1/27
  3. Heather Kittredge (UConn EEB) Heather Kittredge (UConn EEB)3:30pm 1/28
  4. PNB Seminar Series Dr. Charles Bourque4:00pm 2/3
  5. PNB Seminar Series Dr. Mark Andermann4:00pm 2/10

Please contact Noreen Sgro if you wish to meet with a speaker (6-3305)

Graduate Student Seminar

  1. This calendar has no events scheduled at this time.

Please contact Kathy Kelleher for information regarding graduate student seminars (6-3304)